Friday, January 4, 2019

Announcing the Winner! - Reading Naturally Challenge 2018

The second year of the Reading Naturally Challenge again saw light participation. Even I (accompanied by my best intentions) only read 3 of the 13 books I intended to read. Not much of an example, I am -- unless being a bad example counts!

Once again, Carolyn of Riedel Fascination ran circles around the rest of us, reading a plethora of books in 15 of the 17 categories! (Check out her accomplishment here.)

In recognition of her achievement, Carolyn will receive a prize package that combines outdoorsy and reading-related goodies, including the Orion Book Award winner or finalist of her choice. Congratulations, Carolyn! 

To everyone who was interested in this challenge, please accept my sincere thanks. I will be hosting again in 2019, with a few simplified rules. I will also be including nature-related books in my other reading challenges and I invite you to do the same.

As a point of fact, every book is a "nature-related book" because without breathable air, drinkable water, pollinating insects for our food, natural materials like paper, and a host of other necessities that Nature provides us every day for free, no books would be written or read. Aside for the cultural and spiritual benefits of the outdoors, the natural world sustains us in a very basic way every day and deserves our gratitude and attention. Please join me in some consciousness-raising reading this year!

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