Thursday, December 7, 2017

Reading Naturally Challenge 2018 - Progress & Reviews

Are you reading naturally this year, as part of the Reading Naturally Challenge? (Find out more and sign-up here before December 1, if you want to join in. Update: This challenge is now closed.)

Personally, I'm looking forward to the extra incentive to "get around to" the nature-related books on my shelves. How about you?

Please let me know how you're doing as the year goes on (reviews and reactions would be nice, even if just 1-2 sentences). I'll post your progress, congratulate you, and send out your prize as quickly as possible.

ici: Engaged with Nature (4-6 books)

OwlReadMore2: Immersed in Nature (7 or more books)

Carolyn Riedel at Riedel Fascination: Immersed in Nature (7 or more books) (sign-up post) (wrap-up post with reviews) Completed
1. Animal or Bird Related: The Mounties: Tales of Adventure and Danger in the Early Days - Elle Andra-Warner; The Tale of Ginger and Pickles - Beatrix Potter; Billy and His Friends Rescue Betsy Bear - Kevin Donovan; Great Cat Stories: Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Cats - Roxanne Willems Snopek; Cat Miracles: Inspiring True Tales of Remarkable Felines - Brag Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger; 10 Drowsy Dinosaurs - Wendy Frood Auger & Les Drew; Over in the Meadow (A Musical Story / Play) - Pamela Conn Beall & Susan Hagen Nipp; Gypsy’s Fortune - Caroline Stellings; How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten? -  Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
2. Outdoor Gear on the Cover: The Mystery Of Cabin Island - Leslie McFarlane; Murder Will Travel - Emily Toll; Little Audrey and the Moon Lady - Harvey Cartoon Studios; When Grandma and Grandpa Rode the White Pass Train - Bernd & Susan Richter
3. Outdoorsy Heroine: Surfacing - Margaret Atwood; The Lion in the Valley - Elizabeth Peters; Street of Five Moons - Elizabeth Peters; Catnap - Carole Nelson Douglas; The Old Fox Deceiv’d - Martha Grimes
4. Current Issue: Nobody Likes Trina - Phyllis A. Whitney; Dead and Buried - Howard Engel; The Late Mrs. Fonsell - Velda Johnston
5. Water Related: Bluegate Fields - Anne Perry; A Nice Class Of Corpse - Simon Brett; Daring to Dream - Nora Roberts; Miss Zukas and the Library Murders - Jo Dereske; Scuffy the Tugboat - Tibor Gergely & Gertrude Crampton
6. New (published in 2015*, 2016, or 2017): Ghost Gifts - Laura Spinella; In  a Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware; The Other Side of Midnight - Simone St. James
7. Dystopia-Flavored: Barometer Rising - Hugh MacLennan; The Tin Flute - Gabrielle Roy; Bells of Freedom - Dorothy Gilman; The Silence - Sarah Rayne
8. Extreme Element: The Secret Treasure of Oak Island - D’Arcy O’Connor; The Mystery of the Lost Lemon Mine - Ron Stewart; Extreme Canadian Weather - Joan Dixon; Little Lost Lamb - Margaret Wise Brown (Golden MacDonald) & Leonard Weisgard
9. Season Related: Manitoba Stories - Joan Parr (editor); The Brutal Telling - Louise Penny; A Killing Spring - Gail Bowen; Arthur’s Hallowe’en - Marc Brown; Franklin’s Hallowe’en - Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark
10. Plant Related: The Murder Stone - Louise Penny; A Medium for Murder - Mignon Warner; The Garden of Friendship - Thomas Kinkade; One Corpse Too Many - Ellis Peters
11. Set in a Wilderness Locale: Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen; The Sea for Breakfast - Lillian Beckwith; The Shimmering Stones of Winter’s Light - Constance Walker; A Great Deliverance - Elizabeth George; The House of Broken Dolls - Dorothy Daniels
12. Spiritual: Haunted - Ophelia Julien; Ghosts of Government House - Judith Silverthorne; The Strangers on Montagu Street - Karen White; Arrow Book of Ghost Stories - Nora Kramer & George Wilde; Mysterious Brockville - Nancy Wickwire Fraser; A Ghost in the House - Betty Ren Wright; Adventures of a Psychic - Sylvia Browne & Antoinette May
13. Skills Related: The Bears of Broadway - Cancer Care Manitoba; Mistress of Mellyn - Victoria Holt; Murder on Astor Place - Victoria Thompson; Evans Above - Rhys Bowen; Ghost Abbey - Robert Westall
14. Advocacy Related: The Hot Pink Farmhouse - David Handler; Ghost Hotel - Larry Weinberg; Penny Visits Oak Hammock Marsh - Carol & Kristin Szuminsky & Jack Brown
15. Biography or Memoir of an Environmentalist or Conservationist: His Banner Over Me - Jean Little; Driftwood and Other Poems - P.J. Peters; The Jesus Mystery (Of Lost Years and Unknown Travels) - Janet Bock

Margie: Immersed in Nature (7 or more books) (sign-up in comments here)
1. Non-Fiction Nature Classic: Land of Little Rain - Mary Austin (Penguin classic & a wonderful memoir about life in the Mojave desert)
2. Outdoor Gear on Cover: What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions - Randall Munroe (has a harness on the cover)
3. Animal Related: Going Bovine - Libby Bray (protagonist gets "mad cow disease")
4. Extreme Element: Calvin - Martine Leavitt (protagonist attempts to cross one of the Great Lakes in the middle of winter - this one could also work for the "skills" category as well)
5. Season Related: Slow Storm - Danica Novgorodoff (story centers around tornado season)
6. Plant Related: A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness (protagonist is haunted by a tree)
7. Set in a Wilderness Locale: Ruby - Cynthia Bond (much of the story takes place in the woods surrounding a very isolated community)
8. Spiritual/Emphasizing Connection: Bog Child - Siobahn Dowd (protagonist finds body that was preserved in an Irish bog and starts seeing visions of her life)
9. Skills Related: Wild Bird - Wendelin van Draanen (angry teen protagonist forced to go to Utah wilderness rehab camp and has to learn to make fire, find water, etc.)

J.G. at Hotchpot Cafe: Immersed in Nature (7 or more books) (sign-up post) (host: not eligible for prizes)


  1. I love how you do these reading challenges, but I never quite sign up, I find that I what I want to read depends on external factors, my stress level, my level of exhaustion, etc...and having a list I have to read from? However flexible? Somehow I'm still not sure. That said, the nature challenge is tempting...though I am on quite a detective novel binge right now. With everything so uncertain politically everywhere, a book where you know it's going to turn out well in the end and the bad guys will get their comeuppance has proven appealing.

    1. I totally understand your preference to pick whatever book seems right at the time. I just find it motivating to have a target to shoot at--it's a holdover from the reading syllabus days, I guess. I'm careful to pick books I think I'll like, most of the time, though. And you are so right: a happy ending (or at least a just one) is very important these days!

    2. Orenta, I'm with you! All of my themes are flexible (I seldom call them "challenges"). They are about sharing what you DO read. They're for people like us who want themes to fit our moods and preferences, not for ourselves to fit anything. I hope you have a look at my site! Only "Gentle Spectrums" has a list and even that is about "adding whatever you happen to read". LOL.

      J.G. is similar. She only cares that we share whatever we read that fits. Here is my own site. (Jane, I posed a clarification question at my blog). Carolyn.

  2. I have put such time into my thorough summary of the categories I have finished, that I had better let people begin reading it! 16 are fulfilled at least in triplicate. As I wrote at my blog (where answers are easier for me to read and track), if #17 can refer to books garnering any award within this group's theme, I can checkmark that category as well. You might like to change my "sign-up post" to this URL. Your birthday girl playing along well, Carolyn!

    1. Congrats on your great success with this challenge, Carolyn! You have certainly had a fantastic reading year!


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