Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dread & Read Challenge 2017: My Sign-Up

This one is dear to my heart. It's both the point and the punishment of list reading that to finish the list I have to read books that I wouldn't choose for myself. Like those class assignments in college, it certainly exercises my reading muscles. 

Sometimes that works out splendidly (The Siege of Krishnapur being a shining example). And sometimes it doesn't (here's all I have to say about How Late It Was, How Late).    

I won't even tell you how long these books have been hanging over my head. Okay, okay, for some of them it's been decades. That gave me the idea of hosting this challenge. (Sign up here if you're in a similar position.)  

Now I can hardly wait to put them behind me, and maybe be pleasantly surprised along the way. Let's hope so! 

Per the challenge incentives, I've chosen a sweetener for each one. 

For a book-related treat: Vernon God Little - D.C.B. Pierre (Booker Prize) 
For a practical treat: Schindler's Ark - Thomas Keneally (Booker Prize) 
For an indulgent treat: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest - Ken Kesey (Radcliff's Top 100 Novels)

The fact that I'll have to buy it for myself does nothing to dilute the happiness of getting a treat for finally doing something I said I'd do anyway. 

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