Monday, September 13, 2010

Exhibit A

The glinting sword of How Late It Was, How Late threatens to hang over my head forever if I continue to drift into magazines instead of picking it up, so I have adopted a "power on through" approach.

Unfortunately, this approach is not making me like this book any more than before. The most I can say is that my hatred has been blunted by repetition. This book is simply wearing me down. I wonder if it really is true that, given enough time, one can get used to anything?

Here's just a little sample, so you can share my pain. Or if this happens to be the greatest book you've ever read, please have mercy and share your knowledge and insights with me!

Sammy's had a run-in with the cops and spent a few nights in the pokey; now he's been released, but he's gone blind, possibly as the result of a beating while in custody. (I have diluted the language here; it appears in the book in all its glory.)

He was gony be fine. Across the big junction and onto the bridge and that was him, so okay, so that's that, ye just f-ing

that's all ye do, step by step, ye walk

step by step, by step, ye keep going, ye just dont cave in man that feeling, hanging there, but ye dont let it cover ye ye keep going christ the times he had had, the times he had been through man he had been through the f-ing worst, this wasnay the f-ing worst man he had been through it man and this wasnay it, it f-ing wasnay, it wasnay, it just f-ing wasnay, he had seen it, the worst man he had f-ing seen it, c-nts f-ing dying, getting f-ing kicked to death, the f-ing lot man he had seen it. F-ing Charlie! Ye didnay f-ing need Charlie to tell ye man ye kidding! Get to f--k. F-ing bastards. Sammy had f-ing seen it, he had seen it. All he wanted was his due, that was all man his f-ing due. He had copped for it; copped for this and copped for that. F-ing alright; okay, okay; f--k yez!

Charming, isn't it? Only 250 pages to go.


  1. OMG honey, Bail! Bail! Bail!

    Not so helpful, but I do feel a bit of your pain anyway, sounds utterly dreadful. It is a bad sign when you're reading the back of the cereal box to avoid the book.....

  2. Ye gods! I'd have thrown this one against the wall long ago if that's just a sample. Life is wa-a-ay too short. And there are so many great books. If there's no very large prize at the end of this chore, what's the point?

  3. Reading that tiny excerpt gave me a headache. Seriously. Give it up. It's not worth it! :p

  4. Get out! Get out now! That's WAY worse than my experience with Mary, Queen of Scots. (Maybe I could have finished that one anyway...Nah.)

  5. You know, oddly enough, I'm starting to get interested. I think his blindness is hysterical, not medical, and there's something gortesquely fascinating about an unreliable narrator. If I can figure out what he's talking about, anyway!

    Will keep you posted.

  6. JG: Speaking of keeping final review for my Birth Year Challenge is up on the progress site. Met my goal! Woo Hoo!

  7. Well, I admire your tenacity, but I would have bailed based soley on that snippet.


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