Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wish I Was Here

I'm back on line (and it "only" took 2 hours to get the new modem up and running). Typical of the week I'm having. Somehow I have managed to schedule something after work every night, when I'd really rather just go home and crash.

I'd rather be here

or here

or even here.

Okay, your turn! Where would you rather be this week?


  1. And here I was going to be content to be at work today....Here's where I'd rather be:

  2. I'd rather be back visiting Ireland this week. I'll post to that effect this morning. Thanks - you've inspired me.

  3. Your top photo looks sooooo inviting, so relaxing and so warm.Lying on those white cushions till it gets too warm, then having a dip in that pool to cool down- oh yes, bliss!
    I've posted where I'd rather be, it's Ireland too, but a wee bit different.


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