Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston, We Have Cucumbers

You'd think we'd just successfully launched the Space Shuttle for the first time, there was such a celebration at our tiny garden plot when my friend and I discovered the seeds we'd planted had sprouted in just a few short days!

Good thing no one was around to witness our high five hand slaps and joyful victory dance. They'd have thought we'd lost our minds.

Apparently this is one of those things you just don't believe until you do it yourself. Intellectually, we all know plants grow from seeds. But when it happens in your very own garden, well! "It's a miracle," we say.


  1. YEAH!

    Nothing wrong with the celebrating the miracles of life that surround us, just cause we fail to notice it doesn't mean it isn't an astonishing event!


  2. Well done you! I have never beheld this miracle properly as I have a black thumb and promptly murder any plants that come near me. But I admire people who can make things grow. :)

  3. And it is a miracle every single time! It just never gets old for me to see those tiny green seedlings pushing out of the earth.
    I wonder why I don't get the same charge from the buttercup newbies?

  4. LOL. I know the feeling. It's wonderful. Wait til it bears fruit!

  5. You should have seen us when we discovered our first baby watermelon this year. Much high fiving and chest bumping.


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