Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Confidential to N*

I'm so sorry you have decided not to blog anymore. That's the selfish part of me.

The unselfish part of me completely, utterly, totally supports your desire to enjoy your life without feeling you have to say something "new" about it.

Blogging has a way of taking over. I get that. It's a burden sometimes, and no lighter for being self-imposed.

But I can't say farewell without saying a few other things, too.

You are living the life I dream of living someday, if I ever have the nerve to make it happen. I will miss seeing your beautiful world through your discerning eyes. Every tiny detail that you chose to share has been precious to me.

My fingers are crossed that you will leave your blog in place long enough for me to read any posts I missed, and re-read my favorites. I will make a point of doing that soon.

My little zephyr squash plants came up last week, and whenever I think of them I will remember you fondly.

Fare well.


  1. This is sweet. Sometimes I wonder how long this will go on. Do you? I don't see an end in sight for mine. But who knows?

  2. Ruth, I see blogging as a huge creative outlet for amateur folks like me. Visiting my bloggy friends and the small centering moments of posting are bright spots in my life. I might quit someday, but I truly can't imagine it.


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