Friday, March 29, 2013

Rat Update

Good news: I have two traps set under the stove and one trap set behind the drawers next to the dishwasher. (The Rat Man thinks my rats are squeezing in near the dishwasher plumbing and roaming from there.)

Bad news: Haven't caught anything yet.

Good news: Because the traps are under and behind things, they are inaccessible to cats.

Bad news: The traps are not inaccessible to Maggie the kitten.  This morning she was doing her kitten thing while I was organizing some books in the living room. I heard a horrible metallic crash in the kitchen and it took a moment for the horror to sink in: that sound could only be the sound of a trap going off under the stove!  I realized then that the stove is slightly pulled away from the wall, and Maggie has a habit of roaming the counter when I am not there to shoo her off, and  . . .  OH NO!

Good news: When I opened the storage compartment at the bottom of the stove, Maggie scampered out, very wide-eyed. 

Further good news: No trap was attached to any part of her anatomy.

That gives new meaning to the phrase "haven't caught anything yet."  Ah, perspective.     

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