Monday, October 8, 2012

Points of View

Happy about this view of my kitchen window and the oak trees beyond. Foreground: housewarming flowers and a makeshift vase.

Also happy about this one, from my front door.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a vista to look at.  Between pee wee football practice and cricket games, this park gets a lot of use. You can just barely see a hint of the community garden in the distance, too, where I will be trying to renew my semi-green thumb. 

Not so happy about the state of my dining room, with all these boxes . . . .  But it's worth the effort!


  1. This all looks pretty wonderful! Like the park especially.

  2. Oh, those views are beautiful. Having the park there guarantees are a great view every day.

  3. I love your views, even all the boxes because they symbolize you've arrived! There is such fun in store - arranging, making a home.
    And 'makeshift' vases are the best.


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