Friday, April 13, 2012

Joy and (More) Serendipity

All of a sudden, there are lots of joyful things happening in all corners of my life, and I'm starting to get the feeling that right around the bend is one of those flow times when things move effortlessly forward.

I was driving to work yesterday when I realized that the really good feeling I was having is called happiness. Not just Having a Good Day happy, but Satisfied Down to My Toes happy.

Whether it's the cause or the effect of that feeling, these days I have a lot to be happy about. Such as . . . .

I met with a student this week who ended the meeting by saying I should make myself into an app so she could consult me anytime, anywhere. That may be the most unusual compliment I've ever received, but I can go for weeks on good energy like that.

It seems kind of appropriate that on the same night I was introduced to the idea of becoming a cyberversion of myself, I also discovered there is such a thing as "Steampunk-Inspired Industrial Vintage Jewelry."

I don't know much about Steampunk, but I know what I like. Jewelry that's based on a literary genre -- definitely something I like! Even better when that jewelry uses industrial bits and pieces, plus nature charms, and weaves them together in a Jules-Verne-Victorian-science-fiction manner to make necklaces and earrings -- what fun! The vendor I saw at the local after hours event doesn't have a website yet, but her creations were lovely. I'll be going back.

Spring is in full swing here and if this sight doesn't gladden your heart, you are still hibernating. The tabebuia (which also comes in purple) does all its blooming before it bothers to put out any leaves, and a very effective strategy it is, too. I had to make 3 U-turns in lunch hour rush hour to get this shot. And it was completely worth it.

By far and away the best part, though: I had a one-in-a-billion chance meet-up this afternoon that has me walking on air. I wasn't feeling well, so I bowed out of the luncheon I was supposed to go to. Then I had to run an errand downtown that usually our admin assistant would do, because she had the day off. So there I was in the display room of the promotional items store (where I wasn't supposed to be x 2), when who should wander by but the Seller of my dream house! You know, the guy who won't give me an answer on my offer for the house I am in love with? Yeah, him.

We shared a few seconds of the "Where do I know you from?" stare, and then figured it out and had a great conversation. Turns out my suspicions were not true: they do want to move, they already have a place to go to, they are not in denial, but they are working out the financial arrangements with their lender and that has become something of a knotty problem.

It's hard to tell how long those negotiations will take, but we established that they want to sell the house, I want to buy it, and they think I would be the right person to do that. Hallelujah! So do I! Better still, now I feel the universe is on my side in the matter.

And if I hadn't stopped to photograph the tabebuia, I probably would have missed the Seller completely. Could the Joseph Campbell "follow your bliss" lesson be any clearer?


  1. It makes me feel all optimistic.

  2. My daughter LOVES all things steampunk....if they get a website up, let me know....and a photo!

    And meeting the seller? How fantastic is THAT! The house has good karma written all. over. it.

    Buckle down, cross your fingers and wait!

  3. Thank you, Neer. Glad I could share that feeling with you.

    Oreneta, I will definitely be following this artist and plan to post about her jewelry again. Your daughter would love it! Meanwhile, yes, I feel the good house karma, too.

  4. Fantastic lucky day! It seems as though your life just turned a very sharp corner. And to be an app...I never thought of a person as an app. Good idea.


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