Monday, April 16, 2012

Down a Peg

Ha! Lest I think the Universe is going to make my life all butterflies and rainbows from here on out . . . now my current residence smells like a rat has died in the walls. Again.

This is my third rat casualty, and until I can establish a secure perimeter, I fear this sort of thing will continue to happen. Because the corpse is inside the walls, all I can do is open the windows, turn on the fans, and hope for the best.

Next up: the appearance of the giant black flies that herald serious decomposition. Yuck.


  1. Ohhhh, my deepest long does the smell usually last?

  2. I can't imagine. I have tiny mice die in my floors/walls occasionally and that smell is horrible. I can't imagine a rat! ;(

  3. Usually it lasts 3-4 days, Oreneta. (But it seems longer!) I'm just sorry I can't capture the smell and send a sample to my landlord.

    Kate, these are native Florida wood rats, so they aren't all that big, just a little smaller than a fist. Still, awfully stinky.

  4. Poor you! Rodents are horrible! Why won't they leave people alone? I don't come into their rat homes and die there.

  5. Jenny, I agree -- if we could just establish some clear boundaries, all would be well!


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