Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am still too busy for my personal taste, but it's with good things so no complaints!

I finally made it to a couple of Spring Training games, and my baseball jones is satisfied for a while. (You heard it here first: taking vacation days so I can go to the ballgame while others are working is one of life's sweetest pleasures.) The college teams are still playing, and the summer league starts in June, which means my favorite part of the year is upon us.

I spent the weekend with kids and horses. I had to do a little math as Chief Scorer for the competition (to earn my keep, so to speak), but it was totally and completely worthwhile. The head official was someone I took a clinic with many moons ago, when I was about 12. He was about 18 then and went on to ride with the Olympic team, compete in England, etc., etc. He's a big deal in the horse world and I'm a nobody, but with horses in common there are no barriers to conversation, no matter who you're talking to. It was amazing to cross paths again after all these years. He didn't remember me at all (how many little blonde girls do you think he met in those days?), but he was very gracious.

What remains of my 12-year-old heart was broken to discover I'm apparently the last person in the world to know that he's gay. But my grown-up heart is pleased that we re-met as adults and have a fresh start without all that leftover adolescent crush stuff getting in the way. (Kind of a relief, you know?)

Now I am gathering the courage to organize a clinic next fall, so my friends' kids can learn from him, just as I did when I was their age. It will be quite an undertaking but a major coup if I can pull it off. Wish me luck!

The super-moon was definitely gorgeous! I hope you saw it. The horse thing often requires an early start (this is dawn, not dusk) but it is 100% worth it.

Another favorable blast from the past arrived in the form of a rental car. My car needed some work that insurance covered, and the rental they gave me is a brand new Jeep Patriot with only 1,344 miles on it. They were assuring me "We'll have your car back to you just as soon as we can, m'am" and I was all "Oh, no, really, take as long as you like!"

It's a total flashback to my days driving a Jeep Cherokee, which I loved almost as much as I loved my Sierra pick-up truck. (You might not guess that this suburban girl is pretty country, too. It's the horse thing again. Gotta have a vehicle with some space and some power.) I'm fighting the impulse to rush over to my favorite dealer and come home with a Jeep of my own. Having no ready cash is really the only thing stopping me. (Merely a detail!)

Still, having a little test drive is great fun. As the GEICO commercial says, "I gots to ride up in style." For another day or so, anyway.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great few days! Very spring is in the air kind of week:)
    I'm afraid I missed the supermoon. It was super cloudy here!


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