Friday, March 18, 2011

Barely Blogging

Life continues to be insanely busy, despite my determination to stop trying to be everywhere at once. There are just so many things I want to do . . . and spring seems to be a particularly busy time of year.

Meanwhile, on a much different time scale, the garden continues to grow. Even so, the teeny beans remain quite, well, teeny.

The other day I noticed some new leaves pushing up where I'd planted squash and zucchini. I was all excited that they were coming up so soon, although not quite in the place I remember planting them. Hm.

Since then some new sprouts have appeared, and they are much more readily identifiable as squash and zucchini. The first set looks suspiciously like grass. Double hm. I don't know the history of this bed, having just moved into it, so I am just keeping a weather eye on them for now. Once I'm sure what they are, if they're grass, they are out of there!

The nasturtiums can definitely stay, though. I never get tired of them.


  1. Aren't gardens exciting? I just love watching stuff come up from the ground, although sometimes it's not quite what we expected. LOL.

  2. It is such a struggle to maintain a balance, isn't it.

    Lovely nasturtiums.

  3. Beautiful pics. I miss spring. great post.

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