Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hair Story

I've been growing my hair out for a while now, and it's finally hitting my collar for the first time in ages. I never had it cut at all until I was 16, but since then I've grown to enjoy the rebellious feeling that a radical new haircut delivers.

In recent years I've alternated between "pixie" and "mess" while trying to find the perfect length/style. Long-time hair idols include Julie and Annette (although Annette seems to have gone off the rails with the modern messy look lately).

Best comment I ever got on a new, very short haircut: "I didn't even know you were having brain surgery."

Second best comment (from a professor): "I see we have a new boy in class."

Funny how some men react strongly to women with short hair, isn't it? But I digress.

I have reached the stage where my hair is falling in my face when I read, blowing into my eyes when it's breezy, and generally making its presence felt in ways that short hair simply does not.

Which means hair accessories. I refuse to go with a headband (I have some pride left). It's really too short for a ponytail. Grabber clips are too casual and bulky for work. So I'm left contemplating barrettes. In the past I have been very happy with a half-updo, but it has a definite downside (although it looks cute enough on Jessica).

The famous seem to dabble with this look, but no one has made it her signature. It seems to be used mostly as an evening look, accompanied by a whole lotta styling with curling irons, judging from that well-respected resource, Google Images. Deep in my heart I know it's the female equivalent of a mullet. I also suspect that there's something slightly ridiculous about a middle-aged women wearing a barrette.

I'm no fashion plate, but I suspect I'm nearing the edge of eccentricity here. The old school of thought says that when we reach A Certain Age, we are supposed to forego long hair, but I'm not ready to do that. Nevertheless, I need a style that is easy, professional, and under control.

Any advice for me, before I embarrass myself?

(photos all borrowed from various websites that I can't remember now -- sorry, y'all!) 


  1. A good hair cut to give it shape while it grows out?

    There are more sophisticated barette kind of jobs, not at walgreens though. I have one friend, a designer, who has a different look every day. Really different. I am not sure I could pull off the work that it would involve....

    I go for a good shape that falls well for the length....then let it keep on growing.

  2. Grabber clips are okay for work! I have long hair and I put it up in twists with grabber clips all the time. And as I reassure you that this is fine I become very anxious that I am doing something unprofessional with my hair at least two times a week.

  3. Have to agree. Those grabber clips are okay for that in-between stage!

  4. When I started getting two gray locks like the bride of Frankenstein showing up at my temples when I pulled my long hair back the way I'd done all my life, I got it cut to shoulder-length and just started tucking it behind my ears. I found a haircutter who can undercut it to give it some shape so that the tucking behind the ears thing is not the only thing that keeps it out of my face. Because yeah, I think barrettes on anyone who is getting gray hairs starts to look eccentric. And sometimes it's important to keep some of your eccentricity hidden.


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