Thursday, April 15, 2010

'Tis the Season for . . . Bugs???

One of the side effects of C.S.'s and my birthdays being one day apart--being born under practically the same stars, if you believe in that sort of thing--is that we tend to go through certain experiences at the same time. However, I'm not sure even astrology could explain this latest thing we have in common.

C.S. was in New York on business recently and was bitten by bedbugs in his swanky hotel. Ewwww! We are not talking about some (ahem) fleabag hotel, either! Management was, as you can imagine, very apologetic. Bedbugs are a huge problem in New York, apparently, affecting and infecting hotels at all price levels. C.S. can vouch for that now.

Then it was my turn. I recently spent about two hours in the car with my friend's daughters on the way to a horse event. A few days later, I got an embarrassed e-mail from my friend that one daughter had head lice! Again, a rather common occurrence in schools around here, and no reflection of the class or cleanliness of the family. I wasn't too worried--it's not like we were sharing a hairbrush--but ever since, I've been wondering about every itch. Ewwww! Good thing I'm scheduled for the dermatologist soon, anyway.

Meanwhile, bugs are just one more thing C.S. and I have in common! (But one I could do without, you know?)

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  1. OMG headlice! THE HORROR!!!!!

    Every itch makes you worry and worry. Ahhhhh!!!!1


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