Friday, April 16, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Time for another installment of Good News, Bad News, courtesy of my dermatologist.

The good news: No lice! Apparently the only thing I suffer from is an overactive imagination.

The bad news: Three little pre-cancerous spots on my face, which were promptly frozen away with that nasty canister spritzer thing-y. No surprise, given my fair skin, history of sunburn, and use of baby oil and iodine as a "tanning lotion" when I was a teen.

The good news: Three spots is apparently nothing much to be concerned about. The whole-body record is 78 such spots. Yikes! I would have to be sedated to have that many spots frozen off!

The really bad news: She was way more interested in my story of C.S.'s bedbug encounter. It was one horror story after another, culminating in advice to:

1) immediately wash all of his clothes at least 3 times in blazing hot water before putting them back in the rotation (oops, too late), and

2) bag his luggage in 5 or 6 garbage bags and keep it outdoors or in the trunk of the car for a week before bringing it into the house (oops, also too late).

You can imagine what that did for my overactive imagination.

The best we can do is what has already been done: 2 washes and a day in the trunk of the car. Fingers crossed that is good enough!

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  1. I just read another solution in A thousand Splendid Suns, I'll see what I can do to find it, I imagine it involves toxins though.....


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