Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

I was out of town all weekend at a horse competition (watching, not riding) and now I am running behind big-time. Guess I am getting more done on the weekends than I thought! As a result of my absence, I have nothing to wear (all suitable clothing is in the laundry), have no posts prepared, have visited my favorite bloggy haunts only sporadically, and owe letters and e-mails to everyone in my address book.

Okay, then, what's the good news?

My friend's kids were great sports and had a wonderful time, even though their team scores were not very good. They were scrambled with other girls, but strangers quickly became friends over the course of two days together. Lots of hugs and exchanging of phone numbers when it came time to say goodbye.

I noted that when these nine- to twelve-year-olds exchange phone numbers, they don't tell them to each other, they just swap phones and log in their own number in each other's phones. How they know how to program a different model, I'll never understand. It's all I can do to remember how to work my own phone!

I didn't get sunburned, despite spending two whole days outdoors.

I only got a few splinters from lifting gates and jumping poles.

I slept like a rock every night.

I met lots of nice people, even a few I exchanged info with (the old-fashioned way, with paper and pen).

Now, if I can just come up with something to wear to work . . . .


  1. "I slept like a rock every night."--My idea of a great trip, regardless of what else happens.

  2. I'm like Hula, that's what really resonated. There is nothing like falling into bed physically tired and sleeping like a rock. Mmmmmmm.


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