Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow, Canada!

Someone missed a great opportunity to distinguish themselves at their workplace this weekend. Someone's workplace is multinational, containing among the many Americans and Latin Americans, a surprisingly large (and this week, particularly vocal) number of Canadians. Naturally, there was some trash talk back and forth about the men's hockey face-off for the gold medal between the U.S. and Canada. Even in Florida, hockey can be serious business.

The discussion led to a proposal for a wager that could have been a classic. If the U.S. won, the Canadian contingent would have had to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" in front of everyone. And if Canada won, a Cuban-born American and another American (the someone in this story) would have had to sing "Oh, Canada" in front of everyone.

However, the non-Canadian alliance was not as confident in its singing skills or its team's hockey skills as it was in its trash-talking skills, and the wager devolved into a prize of wine, with the price of the wine determined by the spread between goals scored by the winners vs. the losers.

Turns out the wine prize scheme was a wise choice for the non-Canadians, but the chance to make history was lost. The singing prize was clearly the stuff of legends in the making.

Meanwhile, the closing ceremonies were a hoot. Kudos to Canada for doing such a nice job, with such a gracious sense of humor.

Of course, any production that includes Neil Young can't be too far from the mark.


  1. Interesting little tidbit about the singing.

  2. Amen on the Neil Young thing. The hockey couldn't have been better this time around.

  3. Missed it all, glad it was good.

  4. Anybody have a good $10 bottle of wine they'd like to recommend?


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