Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot Meal on a Cold Night

Nothing better than chili when it's chilly. I was tempted to try a new recipe this time, but reverted to the old standby. For variety I used half ground beef and half ground pork, 3 different kinds of beans, and beer instead of water when it came time to add extra liquid (hence the foam).

This is my favorite stage: I love seeing the different layers of ingredients, before everything is mixed together.

In my world, you can't have too much cumin.

Too bad C.S. doesn't like beans in his chili (yet another example of how our culinary tastes diverge wildly and widely). I don't understand that at all. Without the beans, isn't it just hamburger soup?

Despite my lack of comprehension, I have promised to make him a non-bean version next time he visits.

Whenever my mom served chili, my dad used to trot out a lame old pun: "Chili today and hot tamale [tomorrow]," he'd say. It's not a great pun, but hey, it's a family tradition.

A sprinkle of Mexican four-cheese blend, some green onions, and life is good.


  1. Mmm. Your's looks a lot like mine. I like green onions and cheese on top, too. And you're right chili is not chili without the BEANS! :^)

  2. Sorry, but the beans, in my opinion, serve no other purpose than to cause certain, undesirable issues later. I prefer Cincinnati-style ( chili, which incorporates spaghetti.

  3. No beans???? Ack! Off with his head!

  4. Oh wow, my mother makes that joke. When I was a kid and she would take me out for lunch, we always went to this one soup-and-sandwich place, and she got chili and made that joke every time.


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