Friday, December 11, 2009

Things I Learned From Experience This Week

1. Even a tense holiday luncheon involving co-workers who don't like each other very much is improved if everyone starts off with a mimosa.

2. When you leave your car running in the airport drop-off lane, with all your luggage inside and a flight to catch, always roll down a window before you shut the driver's door, in case all the doors are locked. (I was only the passenger for this one.)

3. When you honk at a cabbie who you think is rolling into your path of travel, and then he gets behind you at the next light and doesn't think you're turning right-on-red aggressively enough, he's definitely going to honk at you.

4. It's possible to cross a six-lane road very quickly when you're in the far right lane and the rental car return is directly to your left. If traffic is light.

5. Men who ride Harley-Davidsons should never wear Crocs. It makes the other drivers snigger and stare.


  1. Sounds like an....interesting.....week!

  2. Eeek Just reading aboutour airport travel stressed me out! Glad it all worked out:)

  3. LOL @ 5! Airport driving is always so icky.

  4. I helped J.G. with the learning on No. 2.


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