Monday, December 14, 2009

We Interrupt This Holiday Season To Bring You . . .

A plumbing emergency! Nothing throws a wrench in your evening like finding a suspicious hissing sound, some standing water, and a damp carpet when you get home from work.

I'd heard the hissing sound yesterday afternoon and put in a maintenance call this morning, but they didn't see fit to come and check it during the day today. Their loss. Once I identified an honest-to-goodness leak, I was all business and insisted on action ASAP.

While I was waiting for maintenance to respond, poor C.S. was trying to give me advice over the phone. Not much going on there. Between the two of us, our plumbing knowledge would fill a teaspoon. Maybe.

The maintenance guy was quite cheerful when he arrived (much more cheerful than I would have been, in his shoes). A tiny piece of rubber and a clamp later, all's right with the world. My visions of life without hot water--or, worse, no water at all--have evaporated.

Now that the plumbing crisis is resolved, what am I going to use for my excuse for not making progress on Christmas? I am so far behind at this point, it's not even funny.


  1. One year I, sadly, did all my Xmas shopping at 7-11 on Christmas eve. It was not a good year. You can get it done if you have to. Spend time thinking before you go to shopping so you know what you want to get.

    Good luck.

  2. Don't feel bad. I've bought two gifts. I'm headed out Friday to knock out my list. Fortunately, my family wants gift cards and money this year. I don't remember ever being this behind, though. The odd thing is, I'm not panicked about it at all.


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