Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tinkerbell Consult

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I adopted an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree this year and my shopping is almost complete. (There's still time, if you're interested in helping a child or senior have a merry Christmas; start here.)

Boringly practical soul that I am, I spent most of my budget on clothes, purchasing what I hope are items that an 11-year-old girl won't be too humiliated to wear: jeans, khakis, a pink blouse with a trendy ruffle, a maroon and navy striped top, and fun pink-trimmed trekkers to go with. No designer stuff, but good basics and all brand spanking new. That part was relatively easy.

(As a side note, why are children's clothes so much less expensive than adult clothing? In the larger sizes, it takes almost as much fabric and the same amount of labor of make them. You'll be finding me in the kids' department more frequently from now on.)

Anyway, now I am down to the last item on the list: Favorite toy: Tinkerbell, it says. I'm not about to plunk down a wad of cash for some overpriced Disney-fied tchotchke. I had enough of the Disney marketing machine long ago.

But a request is a request, so today it's off to Target, where a little on-line searching tells me there are lots of room decor items with a Tinkerbell theme. Wall stickers, throw pillows, cozy fleece throws, and so on.

I'll probably end up looking at the toys while I'm there, too.

Suggestions and comments welcome from anyone with direct access to an 11-year-old. My daughters are in their 30s now, so I have lost touch with the pre-teen mentality. Except for the "I oppose everything you say and do with every fibre of my being" attitude. That little phase I remember all too well!


  1. I would go with the room decor for an 11 year old. One of my nieces is almost 11 and she wouldn't like any of the Tinkerbell toys that I've seen (and I've seen lots shopping for my girls this year). A frilly pillow or sparkly lamp is probably just the thing to finish off your list. And she will probably LOVE the new clothes, too.

  2. Thanks for the advice! It was just the boost I needed.

    The merch at Tar-zhay was surprisingly picked over--already!--but I found a cozy throw that didn't blow my budget.

  3. I have access to the age group, but they are all quite tomboy-ish....

    That said, they love stuff for their room too, though not tinkerbell in the kids i know.

    Good luck!

    I am NOWHERE near finished. Eeeekkkk!

  4. I have direct access to an almost 11 year old. (she keeps remindng me) She still loves her Disney throw because of it's insane softness. If you still need another idea? Girls that age love cute little charm necklaces. Perhaps tinkerbell gives her strength.
    What a great thing you are doing. Merry Christmas.


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