Monday, October 19, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

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Don't you just love a friend or a partner who can make you burst out laughing? C.S. and I had that moment yesterday.

Since "Balloon Boy" happened, we have been occasionally debating whether we thought it was a hoax.

C.S's position was "No way. There's no evidence it was a hoax. Even the police say that." He even played the "You're a lawyer, you should know what 'no evidence' means" card. (I could now discuss circumstantial evidence, but that would be a rather boring digression.)

I was equally adamant. "Mark my words. Total hoax from the outset." And my coup de grace was "Believe me, I'm usually very intuitive about these things."

So after yesterday's news conference, when we had a chance to broach the subject, what does C.S. say? "It's like I've been telling you all along: Mark my words. The whole thing is a big hoax."

I'm so glad I wasn't driving when he said that. I probably would have run off the road, it tickled me so.

Charming, ain't he?

(For the record, it's only fair to say that C.S. is often right in these matters and I am sometimes not nearly so gracious and clever when it's my turn to be wrong.)


  1. *rofl*

    Next time, turn the microphone on. ;-)

    When I learned that the dad had called a TV station before calling 911, it made me pause a little, but then, it sounded plausible that he wanted their traffic helicopter to chase the balloon immediately. This father must have lost every paternal credibility in front of his kids.

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  3. My husband has excellent radar for this kind of thing. He often smells a hoax way before I do. I think it comes from those 28 years he spent as a parole officer. His bull**** detector is superb.

  4. JG and CS, excuse me for a moment...Hula, your husband was a parole officer for 28 years? Poor poor poor teen angel is NEVER going to get away with ANYTHING!!!

    OK, sorry about that...I love it when my husband makes me laugh and laugh and laugh...he's good at it too.

    I heard about Balloon boy from my students, in rather broken English. Took a while to figure out what they were talking about and for some of the time I thought it was an elaborate story meant to kill time in class, which in a way it was...but not totally.

    Weirdness abounds.

  5. Oh I love those moments, both ways. I was pretty ticked for the two hours of emotions I felt worrying about that boy.

    Thank you for the glorious image you left at my blog of your mother staring at your wedding gown lace for 3 days.


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