Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is Progress

My blogging pace has slowed considerably of late, because between regular work and my writing coach gig, it's been like working two jobs. (Hmmm. Why does it surprise me that having two jobs is like . . . having two jobs?)

Heck, I've been too busy to blog about my new obsession that masquerades as a hobby: sponsoring a rescue horse. Photos and details soon! Really. For now, envision me tramping around in a pasture at dusk, looking for a missing $75.00 shoe that I personally can't even wear.

The conference that's been making regular work so hectic happens tomorrow, and if I can survive registration I am home free. I volunteered to work on the publicity, the handouts, and the sign-ups, which means my work is nearly done. Once the attendees are signed in, I should be able to sit back and enjoy the presentations. Welcoming remarks? Panelist logistics? Catering details? Not my department!

Instead of sweating last-minute details until 2:00 a.m. (my usual mode of operation), I am getting ready to spend the rest of my evening reading magazines (a totally guilty pleasure!) and listening to the baseball game.

Okay, so I stayed at work until 8:30, dealing with last-minute details. But it's still progress. I've managed to stop preparing the day before, rather than early in the morning on the day of. That counts.

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  1. That's good that you are making progress. It takes practice months and years I think. I'm sure the conference was very organized thanks to your hard work. The attendees no doubt appreciated it even if they didn't particularly notice it consciously.

    And I think you shouldn't feel at all guilty for enjoying magazines after all that work. Even without the work!


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