Friday, May 1, 2009

Do's and Don't's

DO click on over to IronCupcake: Earth to view the most incredibly creative assortment of cupcakes involving soda pop you've ever seen in all your born days.

DO vote for Saucy's entry, while you're there: the Vanilly Blue Velvet "Jonas" Soda Blue Bubblegum Cupcake from Bloggedy-Blog-Blog in the sidebar on the right. (Saucy is at least as fabulous as Martha Stewart, and way more fun.) You can vote for two other cupcakes, too, and see the voting results so far.

DON'T browse the cupcakes while making croutons under the broiler. It only takes a second to succumb to cupcake hypnosis and cross the double yellow line from "not quite done yet" to "oops, I must have lost track of time."

Exhibit A:

P.S. Smoke alarm optional.

P.P.S. They tasted good anyway. All those years of eating burned toast finally paid off.


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