Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now They Tell Me

Just flew home from New York, clicked on the internet, and lo and behold the first thing I see is a story about Vice President Biden warning folks to avoid subways and airplanes and other confined spaces due to the swine flu outbreak.

Whoa!! No, make that a double WHOA!!

Did I forget to mention that I just FLEW in from NYC, where there are confirmed cases of swine flu popping up all over the place? Did I also fail to mention that I rode the SUBWAY from my hotel in Manhattan to the ballpark out in Queens, back and forth -- about an hour each way -- every day for the past three days? I have to admit I flinched every time I heard someone cough or sneeze. I washed my hands every chance I got.

But, so far I feel perfectly normal. Keep your fingers crossed.

On another Big Apple note. I happened to be in Manhattan the morning Air Force One made its ill-conceived flyover, snapping pictures from above and freaking out nervous New Yorkers down below. Though I wasn't far from the scene, I was oblivious to that event. See, I was inside The Strand -- the mecca of used bookstores -- looking for new treasures to add to my collection.


  1. Let's hope that was a little bit of overreaction on the VP's part, but it does make you wonder what he knows that we don't?

  2. Yes I did, Oreneta. But it wasn't a goldmine discovery. I found Jean Stafford's "Collected Stories" for $15.

    Let's just say that Biden has a way with words, Rose. But, frankly, he was right. Subways and trains are germ carriers. I saw a couple of fellow passengers wearing surgical masks today. I'm not THAT worried. Yet.

  3. Does thinking about buying hand sanitizer gel count as a preventative measure? :-)

  4. J.G., are you wearing latex gloves as you slap my hand in admonishment? :)

  5. I'm jealous of your Strand visit!


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