Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Could Have Turned This One Down

. . . but I chose not to.

Does anyone relate to my favorite line from The Big Chill? When William Hurt's character is interviewing himself on a self-made video, using the classic talk show format, he confronts himself about some of the decisions he's made in his life so far.

Playing the host, he asks himself about his thesis, voice dripping with sarcasm and false pity: "But you just couldn't finish it."

And then, instantly, as himself, somewhat defensively, he responds with a classic line: "I could have finished it. I chose not to."

A great line, from a movie filled with them.

Anyway, I've opted in on yet another reading challenge, the Pre-Printing Press Challenge over at All Booked Up. Resistance was futile, especially when the challenge lasts an entire year and therefore does not end until April 30, 2010. I've already filled up 2009 with challenges, but 2010 was wide open. So much for that excuse.

I was also able to fill it entirely from my TBR list (book list to follow). I love the oldies and have missed some of the important ones during my reading life. It doesn't get any easier than that.

That said, this is absolutely my last challenge for quite a while.



  1. glutton for punishment?

    Wow. Looking forward to the book list.

  2. Posted at last (delayed by reasearching the dates!).

  3. While working on your challenges, remember my other favorite line from TBC -- "Sometimes you just have to let art flow over you."

  4. Oh, Rose City, I love that line, too! And the eyeroll that follows.

    Great reminder not to be so analytical . . .


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