Sunday, January 25, 2009

The 60s Sound

I was listening to XM radio's Channel 59 (Underground Garage) a bit ago when I was turned on by a song that sounded straight out of 1967. The group's name is The Urges. The song: Psyche Ward. I hit the record button, then searched the internet to learn more about the group. They're from Dublin, classified as Garage/Psychedelic, and had me hooked instantly. Think Eric Burdon with a touch of The Ventures. The singer does a thing with his lips that is pure Jagger. I found two of their other songs on Youtube and became even more enthralled. For your listening pleasure (or perhaps not), here's a modern band that'll take you back (if you're as old as I am) to a time when pop music was never better. Tell me what you think, at your own risk, even if you don't like it.

And if, by chance, you really, really, really like The Urges, check out this link to a live radio performance. Find them by scrolling down the archive list to Nov. 13, 2007:

Peace, C.S.


  1. I like them! Love that gal's eyelashes.

  2. Yeah, what's the deal with the eyelashes? Are they some sort of miniature dusters?


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