Sunday, January 25, 2009

No More Cloud Envy

Much excitement in the Cafe today: we have a label cloud! This feature enthralled me from the moment I saw it on other blogs. C.S. agreed it was quite the thing and scouted out where such a wonderful item might be obtained. But a little research revealed it was way too complicated for me to do alone. Blogger has apparently not yet dumbed it down sufficiently for mere mortals.

Fortunately, help was just an e-mail away. I enlisted Alpha Female from Gauss Pontificates, who is an actual friend as well as a virtual one. It seems before she became a legal genius, Alpha Female was a computer genius. And still is! For proof, check out our label cloud.

Gosh, I really enjoy saying that!


  1. I took a Fortran class in high school and remember the punch card machines and readers. All it took was one bad "bad" card to screw up the entire program, and I'm pretty sure I never got mine to run perfectly. So Kudos to Kelly (good name for a race horse).

  2. It was my pleasure. I will do just about anything to get to see J.G. call me a genius. That is pretty awesome!

    Alpha Female

  3. Thank you, Juliet. It's a little dream come true for me.

    Let it be known that Alpha Female is a genius in TWO categories! At least.


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