Monday, November 5, 2018

Moving and Unpacking, This Time

I moved into my house in April, and I'm still trying to subdue the guest room/office. If I was focusing on good news only, I'd be proud that the living room is in shape, with furniture arranged, pictures hung, and bookshelves organized.

I'd also be proud that the bedroom is finished. It was actually the first thing I did, per the experience of numerous moves in the past: having an oasis of calm and order amidst the chaos of boxes is very important to establishing a sense of hope and confidence. Setting up the coffeemaker and establishing a soothing sleep space are the first and most important parts of the moving-in process for me.

The bathroom is mostly finished, too. I bought a fancy new shower curtain which I have yet to hang, but then I will consider it complete enough. It's also highly functional, an important point.   

The kitchen is largely set up, as well. I'm trying out a kitchen table which seems not quite right in size, shape, and location, but I'm giving it time to grow on me. What I think I really want is a built-in corner bench with a round table that pushes up to it. While I wrestle with where to sit and eat (and the lighting thereof), the pots and pans and dishes and equipment are nicely stowed and the bright yellow paint I chose is also seeming more appropriate.     

But oh, the toll all this settling in took on the guest room/office! Everything I didn't need elsewhere went in there. Everything that I wasn't sure I wanted to keep at all went in there. Every box with mystery contents went in there. Now it's a maze of odds and ends and stuff that doesn't fit anywhere. The movers even put some of the boxes in the closet, which means I have to unload the closet first in order to organize it. Not very encouraging, you know?

And I still have to squeeze a bed and a nightstand in there somewhere, if I want to call it a guest room for real. Either that or a sleeper couch of some kind. Otherwise it's just an office and a junk room, and I don't want that!   

Stalling out in the office/guest room has forced me to admit that despite my best efforts, I might be a little bit over the edge of having too much stuff to fit comfortably in this house. Phooey. I thought I was doing so well.

Right now, I really just want the vacuum cleaner to fit into the closet.

Is that too much to ask?

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