Friday, November 2, 2018

All Hallow's Eve

My little town does a big "Monsters on Main Street" promotion for Halloween. Think main drag blocked off to traffic, candy given away at all the stores, photo ops galore, and hordes of people of all ages thronging the street.

Some of the best sights included a gigantic dragon posing for selfies, a photo station made from a Volkswagon "hippie bus" staffed with a couple of "hippie chicks" from the 60s, and a little girl dressed as a policewoman who was delighted to meet up with an actual policeman (it was mutual).

I didn't make a costume this year (again!), but I enjoyed walking around a bit and just sightseeing.

Before that, though, I thought I'd do a very Halloween-y thing and watch the bats come out. Our little pocket park with its two bat houses sits only a block away from all the festivities. Surprisingly, I was the only person who thought to do this.

Maybe next year I should host a watch party!

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