Monday, February 5, 2018

Ethereal 2017 - My Wrap-Up

I made a rather poor attempt at this challenge, despite my best intentions and the very generous January 31 ending date, but here I am, nonetheless, wrapping up.

Of four books chosen, I finished one and read most of another one, with mixed results.

Seeking the Green turned out to be rather disappointing because it wasn't what I expected. (Read more about that here, if you care to.)

In a happy accident, however, Uprooted: On the Trail of the Green Man turned out to be exactly what I was hoping it would be. Even though I haven't yet finished it, I already know it will become a permanent part of my library. It's a delightful blend of personal story and forays into history, architecture, religion, contemporary practices, and whatever else seems relevant at the moment, and exactly what I feel like reading right now! For that I am grateful to my host, Carolyn, for the nudge to bring it to the top of the reading list.

Goodbye, 2017. Hello, 2018! Onward to another set of challenges!

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