Friday, January 26, 2018

Green, But Not This Shade

I liked the premise of this book -- the idea of "becoming aware of the green landscape that underlies and surrounds towns, cities and factories." I believe that Nature underlies everything we do and that recognizing and cherishing that essential reliance is required of us humans if we are to survive as a species. Moving away from an exploitative relationship with Nature to a mutually beneficial reciprocity is our current imperative, whether we realize it or not.

However, this book is something different. It not only encourages a deeper relationship with the Green Man or Woman as god and goddess, but contains various trainings in strengthening your inner self, psychic self-defense, taking magical journeys, and spellcasting. That was not what I was seeking so I cherry-picked my way through it, enjoying the parts that applied to my life and reading but not studying the rest. This seemed to be fine with the author, who encouraged all her readers to find their own way on the green path. And that is fine by me.


Another method of wasting time is by dwelling too much on things in the past, or worrying about the future. Remember that things that are past are over; all you can do is learn from them, which in itself is a positive achievement. Things in the future may be worrying, yet the more you worry, the less you can do to help yourself or others. . . . In effect, once you begin to worry excessively, all you can do is worry!

So much of our life is the product of our own imagining. Once we learn to understand this and gain some control over our minds, we can co-operate with the world and the forces around us instead of being carried along like a piece of driftwood. It's sad, but most people are completely unaware of how they function beyond the basic needs of warmth, food, shelter and human companionship. They experience only a fraction of what is really possible and spend their entire lives without ever exploring their inner worlds, let alone journeying into magical ones. 

Note: I read this book for the Ethereal 2017 Challenge.

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