Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Announcing the Winners! - Birth Year Reading Challenge 2017

Goodbye to 2017 and hello to our winners in the 2017 Birth Year Reading Challenge! Congratulations to all!


These dedicated readers met their reading goals and can choose a nice used book from my library, to add to their 2018 (or whenever) TBR piles. Well done, all!

Bev Hankins at My Reader's Block
Carolyn at Riedel Fascination

If you met your reading goal but haven't gotten full credit on the progress page, please provide an update in the comments on that page or via a blog post. Then you too can receive a copy of the prize list and choose a new-to-you book.


Of the top 3 finishers, Becky at Becky's Book Reviews was the lucky reader selected to receive a $25 gift card from Amazon. Congratulations, Becky!


For reading a whopping 17 books from her birth year, Bev Hankins at My Reader's Block will be receiving a surprise prize package selected especially for her.

Thank you to everyone who participated! I hope you had fun, and I invite you to sign up for the Birth Year Reading Challenge again in 2018! 


  1. My goodness, what a surprise this is! This is Jane's busiest group and I could see people familiar with it had stocked up birth year literature. I have numerous choices before and after my year. I don't know if I succeeded by choosing a short goal, or if I am ahead of folks not reading many or finishing. It is encouraging to those of us not rolling in one year, that this is set-up with ample chances to qualify for honours and goodies. Congratulations, Beck and Bev and well met, everyone! I am thrilled to rejoin the whole trilogy here.

    The renewal of my own four groups will be about a week. I don't know where anyone finds the time to work theirs out November to December. Folks are agreeing with the value of running challenges February 1 to January 31 and will coax other hostesses to make one valuable, effective shift: merely by one month. Reading can still be Jan-Dec but no more fussing over closing-out reviews during busy months, when January is absurdly free and clear. Pleased stay tuned at my blog for my FIFTH YEAR of colours, word-matching, mystery, ethereal, and celtic reading! Happy new year 2018 from Carolyn! https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/carolyns-birth-year-reading/

    1. Glad to have you here, Carolyn! I'm holding space for your challenges, but need to finish Ethereal 2017 first! Thank goodness I still have most of January ahead of me.

    2. And happy new year back to you!


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