Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Announcing the Winner! - Reading Naturally Challenge 2017

This was the first year for the Reading Naturally Challenge and participation was light. Heck, even I didn't do the reading I signed on for, and I'm the host.

What this challenge lacked in quantity was more than offset by the quality of reading and enthusiasm provided by Carolyn of Riedel Fascination! She knocked the categories out of the park, reading and reviewing a total of 43 books in 14 of the 17 categories, along with some helpful suggestions for improving the challenge in future years. For her efforts, Carolyn will receive a prize package that combines outdoorsy and reading-related goodies, including the Orion Book Award winner or finalist of her choice. Congratulations, Carolyn!   

A hearty and grateful thank you goes out to everyone who was interested in this challenge. I invite you to sign up here for the 2018 version. 


  1. Wow! How good it feels, to receive wonderful praise, particularly feedback for something at which I worked well! I see I need to add one more link to my finished post, #7. I buy used but had 2014 and 2016 novels as gifts, accepted as very new for me. I didn't include category #17, specifying Orion winners, because challenges are dedicated to books I own. However my natural prize, which I am excited to see and perhaps plant, will supply such a book! Of the 16 categories I targeted, I didn't do my dystopian one. I seldom read that either, so it's a good thing 2017 submissions were ample, working out that I have it on reserve.

    Sujects could be tweaked, if it only entails rewording the present categories. It would widen what may be included, not limit it and would hamper no one. An adjustment that is a must, is any place my last name is not spelled I before E, exactly spelled and pronounced like Justin Bieber. As well as at the "Dread & Read" group, that is RIEDEL please! :-)

    Thank you so much for creating a lovely group and choosing what I know will delight me as a fun assortment of prizes. Thank you for highlighting the energy I shared, for gratifyingly rewarding my eagerness and love for all of this! From the nature and spirit subject, to your forum for enjoying them, and your affectionate appreciation: all of it is my pleasure! Fondly, Carolyn.

    * I have to close my quartet of groups and find the time to create new ones but will sign up for your "hat trick", as they say in hockey, when one player scores three of the goals. There's a lot to do, overlapping even in January, because we need to wean hostesses off of cramming so much into December. I hope participation with all our forums is wide regardless, from now on.

    1. Thank you, in return, Carolyn, for your kindness and dedicated interest in my challenges! I will certainly take your suggestions to heart.

      I hope you will accept my sincere apology for the errors in spelling your name (it's a pet peeve of mine and ugh, now I have done it myself!). I think I have fixed them all and will be careful to get it right in the future. Again, so sorry and no disrespect intended.

      Looking forward to our continued conversations on this year's challenges!


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