Friday, March 31, 2017

It's the Little Things

My laptop experienced an eclipse recently. About half the screen went dark, in a smudgy diagonal line from top right to bottom left, even as it continued to function appropriately.

Everyone I spoke to said, "Time for a new laptop."

That made me sad, because I'm rather attached to that machine. It's served me well for many years.

However, now that I've managed to select a new machine, I love its speed and sleekness. When I ask it to turn on or off, it doesn't have to think about anything--it just does it, sans drama. It has a hip matte finish. It's lighter and slightly smaller than the old laptop, so it's easier for us to go places together.

More than that, it has backlit keys! As soon as I touch it, the keys light up from underneath. I didn't much care about that feature when the tech guy explained it to me, but now that I have it . . . wow, is that nice.

If the light isn't perfect, I can still see to type (especially handy with those pesky function keys). And I can't help but enjoy the appearance that it responds to my touch by going into a kind of overdrive.

It's safe to say that my new friend and I are still getting to know each other, but the bonding is going well.

And the old laptop? After an hour in the presence of the tech guy, who swears he didn't do anything but turn it on, the eclipse has receded and the sun has come out again. So now I have a nifty little backup assistant to work on my photos. Provided the planets stay aligned.


  1. It's interesting how we develop affection for some objects more than others even when they appear to fulfil the same functions. I've found bicycles like that. Some have warmth and character. Some are merely metal.

    1. It is interesting, isn't it? I usually name my cars, but have had my favorites over the years. Certain trees seem to have much more personality, too. "Others" in all their forms . . . .

  2. I feel this way about my desktop computer. It makes me happy to use it every day. And isn't that the way - something is wrong with a car, washer, etc. and the trouble doesn't show up for the repair person!

    1. We definitely have the ability to bond with certain objects: certain clothes, furniture, musical instruments, etc. And some folks do seem to have the right "charge" for their work with machines--but I'm not one of them!


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