Monday, January 9, 2017

Time for a Solution to Time

Time keeps getting away from me.

I've written about this before, and it's an on-going challenge, especially now that life is more free form. It seems the less structure I have, the more I find to do, and in some ways, the less progress I seem to make.

As a result, I have a To Do list as long as my arm. Lots of things get added to it. I do some things on the list every day, and also some interesting or urgent things that aren't on the list, but lots of things sink to the bottom. Sometimes they sink to the bottom again and again. I get plenty of things done (I'm very much a productive procrastinator), but some things . . . um . . . linger.

With the advent of the new calendar year, I've been thinking about making a weekly and monthly schedule, to make sure some of the bottom-of-the-list items get prioritized more effectively. It seems kind of silly to keep putting things like "clean house" and "exercise" on the To Do list when I could just make them permanent features. They're practically permanent features anyway! But always at the bottom.

I have some time management and efficient household books I could use to make up the schedule. I even looked online for other schedules that I might use, hoping I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. But so far, all I've done is productively procrastinate making the schedule, which means that actual bottom-of-the-list items have sunk even further down.

This irony is not lost on me. Ha! At least I am entertaining myself, which is better than just feeling guilty.

What about you, blog friends? Do you keep a weekly or monthly schedule? Do your To Do lists work more effectively than mine? Or do you just wing it?

I'd really like to know your struggles or your secret--and I figure I don't have to clean house or exercise until I hear from you!


  1. Wing it. I used to try to make schedules years ago, and never followed them. I do admire people who do this. I admire those who plan out weekly meals. But it doesn't seem to be me.

    1. Thanks, Nan! I'd never be able to plan out meals in advance, either! And there's always a risk that I'm overthinking this.


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