Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reading Naturally Challenge 2017 - Progress & Reviews

Are you reading naturally this year, as part of the Reading Naturally Challenge? (Sign up here, if you're not in yet.)

Personally, I'm looking forward to the extra incentive to "get around to" the nature-related books on my shelves. How about you?

Please let me know how you're doing as the year goes on (reviews and reactions would be nice, even if just 1-2 sentences). I'll post your progress and congratulate you as quickly as possible.

Still plenty of time to sign up! 

Debbie at ExUrbanis: Exposed to Nature (1-3 books) (sign-up coming soon)

The Book Dragon at Book Dragon's Lair (sign-up coming soon)

Carolyn at Riedel Fascination: Immersed in Nature (10 books "so far") (sign-up post)

J.G. at Hotchpot Cafe: Immersed in Nature (11 books) (sign-up post) (host: not eligible for prizes)


  1. Thank you for being tempted by Ethereal and who knows about the others, JG! My sign-ups are always later because they start February 1 (today!) so people shouldn't set a cut-off way back in December. Thank you not only for visiting my personal article about belongings and homes (with pictures of some of my babies!) but for being a communicative hostess. That your prizes include Canadian equivalents is icing on the cake, to the care you show those who sign-up for your great ideas.

    I haven't revewed any sign-up posts (for you too, Gina!) but please expect mine soon. Blogspot can be difficult for outside users (and dial-up to boot) so I'm glad you are writing at my blog and provide e-mail. I frequent Goodreads, if you're there. :) Happily, Carolyn.

    1. So nice to hear from you, Carolyn! Well met, as the saying goes,and welcome! I'm very glad you are up for this challenge and have added you to the list here.

      Meanwhile . . . I still need to assemble some books for your Ethereal challenge, but will turn my hand to that very soon. It should be fun to check the TBR shelves with that in mind!

    2. That's great! I've only begun browsing our home shelves for yours. I notice you are doing a colour challenge, one of the original types that requests a hue from one spectrum at a time. Part A of "Gentle Spectrums" is a shoe-in for you and in my recreation: colours repeat! My themes are relaxed in that they are about gathering all the titles we can. :) I'll show you my pretty review page. Lord knows I worked hours on all of them.


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