Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Night Walk, Morning Walk

I've been organizing my photos. It's a chore, but it also prompts many happy memories.

This magnificent gentleman bear probably weighed 400 pounds. He walked down the road for nearly a mile. We followed his tracks in the morning, while he had the night all to himself. We never knew he was there - except in theory, because bears live in the   forest - thanks to the bear-proof trash can at the cabin where we sometimes stay.

I doubt he gave us a thought, but we think of him often and wish him a wild, free, peaceful life.


  1. What great photos to have! Our garbage can wasn't bear-proof (we now keep it inside the barn) so we saw that evidence of "our" bear, but never any prints.

    1. We've had "that" evidence in our neighborhood, too, but we have learned the same lesson as you did. It just takes a little extra effort to coexist. :-)


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