Monday, August 1, 2016

Kite Season

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I love the way the seasons come around, even in Florida where we don't have the obvious markers of blazing fall color, first snowfall, ice out, and so on.

Late July and early August mean the swallow-tailed kites are gathering nearby. Usually they're quite solitary birds. If I'm lucky enough to see one at all, it's a solo or maybe a pair.

What a treat it is to know these days they're roosting together at night, eating as much as they can during the day, and preparing to fly to South America for the winter.

The trick is knowing where they roost so you can be nearby early in the morning to see them take their first flight, before heading off in ones and twos for the day's hunting.

Remember, you almost always only see one or two at a time. Fix that in your mind.

Then imagine this joy.


  1. Wow - quite a sight! Perhaps once in a lifetime?

    It's makes me sad that the birds are already preparing to go south. It feels as if summer only just started. :-(

    1. Aren't they, though? I was lucky enough to see them last year, too, so I'm ahead of the game. They gather in the same spots each year and I'm grateful to be "in the know" about where to find them.

      They are a sure sign of fall, even with temps in the high 90's. Here we look forward to the cooler weather which will probably arrive in October.

  2. I am happy to learn about these birds in Central Florida. I will keep my eyes open for these beautiful creatures!

    1. I often see them (oddly enough) over highways. Maybe they like the rising warm air that allows them to soar on the currents? Yesterday I saw two over a very urban intersection - so yes, keep your eyes open! They are always a thrill.


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