Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye to the Cafe

With a resigned heart and a mild sense of failure I am writing to acknowledge the obvious: the Hotchpot Cafe has run out of steam. It's been ages since I posted here with any regularity, and the happy energy that used to surround the blog has dissipated.

Despite my intention to return to blogging (as variously stated over the past months), I realize now it simply isn't going to happen. This year I'm determined to resolve those parts of my life that are stuck in limbo, freeing my time and energy for what's to come.

Supporting this new period of growth is that fact that I have fallen in love with a wonderful man who shares my worldview and my passions. We plan to make a life together, one that will be filled with travel and outdoors pursuits. I have no qualms about simplifying my commitments to make more room for the happiness, excitement, and comfort of a coupled life.

Even so, I'm a little sad to renounce this electronic diary. It certainly reflects my varied experiences over the past 5 years, and I'm very proud to have written some of the posts.

Most importantly, it has been great fun to get to know the blogging community. I hope to still visit, even though I'm not posting anymore.

To my fellow bloggers, I say: I'm in awe of your creativity and insights and passions, and the interesting lives you lead. May you fare well in 2014 and always!


  1. Dear Jane

    I am so happy for you. Wishing you the very best now and forever.

    It was nice hanging round in this cafe and I am going to miss it but I appreciate your reasons for closing it down.

    Be Happy and Prosper.

  2. As you may have noticed, I have returned after a very long absence. I understand completely how you feel. Living to create blog fodder is no substitute for the real experience. I wish you happiness in your next adventure. I'm glad to have met you.

  3. You'll be much missed! But of course I wish you the very very best of luck with the next stages of your life!

  4. I am sorry you are stopping but it is for the very best of reasons! I hope you have a wonderful new life!!!


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