Monday, September 9, 2013

A Reintegrated Life

A while back I started a separate blog that was intended as a place for my nature adventures, which were calling up a creative side of me that didn't seem to quite fit with the tone and variety of the posts here at the Cafe.

That blog never really took off. I posted photos and some minor thoughts, but it never gathered much energy, and I didn't work on it very often, as time went on.

Meanwhile, the Cafe also languished (and has continued to do so). I've struggled with whether to continue it.

Recently I've spent some time thinking about how our lives go through phases. Maybe it has to do with where we're living, the work we are doing, what hobbies we become interested in, or who we're in a relationship with. Maybe this doesn't happen to other people -- although I suspect it does. How many times have I been catching up with a friend and asked, "So how's __________ these days?" -- only to hear that they don't really go there/do that/see them anymore.

I guess it's the waxing and waning of the natural cycle, manifest in our own daily lives, pastimes, and loves.

Along those lines, I've come to think that the lack of content here at the Cafe is due to my feeling that there were certain things I "couldn't" say. Having two blogs made me feel fragmented and self-censored, and kept me slightly off balance.

Instead of being an easy and joyful snapshot of whatever I was thinking about, having two blogs required all sorts of intellectual decisions -- that had a chilling effect on the ease of the creative process. At least that's what I'm thinking now. We'll see if returning to the idea of one blog with varied content restores my consistency here.

I'm also hoping that this is a sign that nature adventures aren't something separate from my so-called Real Life, but something that's fully a part of it now. My adventures outdoors are still special, still magical, but much more part of who I am.

They don't need a place of their own. This place, where I also talk about books, cats, domestic details, and the funny, amusing, frustrating, surprising events of the day, is their place, too.


  1. it is a hotch potch, no?

    Nice to hear from you,


  2. More of a hotchpot than ever! Nice to be back!


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