Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Sign

You know you're in Florida when . . . you come to a dead stop on the entrance ramp to the interstate, just when you should be accelerating to join the rush hour traffic, because a Sandhill Crane is strolling ever so slowly across the single access lane.

Sandhill cranes are a fairly common sight around here, but they are still exciting to see up close.  They are about 4 feet tall and have striking red skullcaps and very long legs. Whenever I see them or hear their distinctive squawking/rattling cry, I'm reminded that they are a "dinosaur" bird: they haven't changed significantly in 10 million years.

As befits a living fossil, they walk with dignity and grace. And they do not hurry. 

The guy behind me may have been frustrated by the delay, but I most certainly was not. It isn't often that I get an up-close view of the living past.

Photo: Ducks Unlimited

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  1. There is a sandhill crane resident at one of our wild bird refuges. They are magnificent birds and I can't imagine having them as common. I can see why you stopped.


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