Friday, May 10, 2013

The Problem with Coffee

The problem with coffee is you have to make it when you haven't had your coffee yet.

I'm trying to finish up a whole bunch of things before taking some time off, and that means I haven't been getting too much sleep. And that means I'm extra groggy in the morning, before coffee.

So far this week I've caught myself:

- Putting the coffee directly into the coffee mug, instead of into the coffee maker.

- Starting to run the water through the filter without putting any coffee in the filter.

- Trying to put the creamer into the cabinet instead of back into the refrigerator.

Maybe I should be glad I've been awake enough to catch myself doing these things! It would be worse to discover them after the fact.


  1. I have done all of those things before. It is not just you.

  2. I feel like all those things happened to Jon Arbuckle in Garfield comics read in my childhood. When I experience the terrible tautological hell of needing coffee so much you can't make it properly, it usually just manifests as me standing with the freezer door open, wondering what happens next.

    1. I've had those moments, too! Perhaps this explains the popularity of take-out coffee, although you'd think driving before coffee would be even more daunting than making coffee before coffee.

  3. Being a tea drinker doesn't make things any easier. And standing in front of the fridge wondering why I'm there is almost a given on any day.

    Hope you get all caught up and can have a relaxing coffee!


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