Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Which I Contemplate the Legal Profession

This paragraph recently appeared in an article in Student Lawyer magazine about how women can "break the glass ceiling" in law practice. (Full article here.)

Without going into a detailed analysis of the article, I have to say there was one paragraph that stood out for me.

4. Be seen as single-minded—even during personal or family time. “You have to figure out ways to live your life while at all times sending clients the message that their problems are your problems and you’ll be on top of them,” says Lamm. “If you’re taking a child to a doctor and you go out to the waiting room to call a client, the client doesn’t have to know that. No one’s telling you not to have a life. You should have a great life, and a family’s part of that. It’s learning how to manage your life.” (emphasis mine)

It seems to me there are so many ways this is wrong.

The client might not know you left your sick child alone in the exam room while taking their call, but won't the child know?

If your client expects your full attention while you're dealing with their problem, shouldn't you give your child the same level of attention?

Is this what the male lawyers do when they are on the golf course or at a bar, or maybe at the doctor with their sick child?

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