Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Fair Treasures

The Florida Antiquarian Book Fair was - once again - well worth the trip!  It's held in a historic building that is simply gorgeous, inside and out.

The building also has a fantastic Art Deco ladies' room, but I didn't take any photos in there, for obvious reasons. It would be a real tragedy if I was invited never to come back again.   

There was plenty of Floridiana on display, including various Rawlings books and several sections of space-related science fiction flaunting exotic "pulp fiction" covers. 

Some of the books were pricey, but many were in the under-$100 range and a couple of dealers had designated $5-$10 shelves, which were great for the bargain-hunters. They didn't do me much good, though, because I was not hunting for bargains but for prize winners.      

I found this signed Booker Prize winner. It's an oppressively sad book (review here), but I didn't resist.

I was very happy to also find this nice copy of an Orange Prize winner that's still on the TBR list. It was especially nice that the dealer I bought the Enright book from asked me what I was looking for, perused my much-folded and smudged shopping list, then walked to another booth all the way across the hall to borrow this one from another dealer and bring it back to show me. So it has a nice little memory attached to it, also.     

I spent my discretionary money on this pretty Florida bracelet and some vintage Florida postcards. All in all, a very successful day! 


  1. Mmm...sounds like a wonderful day spent among the books. Love the bracelet, too!

  2. I agree with Stephanie V. It must have been a most interesting day. And the bracelet is beautiful.


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