Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hooray for Print

I have been selected to be a book giver for World Book Night!

On April 23, I will be handing out trade paperback books along the Riverwalk in my town to promote reading the printed word.  I applied to be a giver a few months ago and as I recall, I promised to give my allotment of books to anyone who expressed any interest at all in reading that book.

Specifically, I'll receive 20 copies of a single title chosen from the 32 books selected for 2013. I got to request my 3 favorites from the list, but I don't know what book it will be yet. Per the rules, I'll be trying to get my book into the hands of self-identified nonreaders and light readers, and maybe engage them in conversation about the book of choice.   

To be perfectly honest, I dashed off the application without a whole lot of forethought, and afterwards when I read some of the sample applications, I feared mine was woefully inadequate.  People were so passionate, so articulate, so earnest!

But I do remember saying how the Riverwalk -- a beautiful wide sidewalk that runs along the St. Johns River where it dilates into the spectacular beauty of Lake Monroe -- is where all the city's residents meet to jog or walk, to stroll with their dogs and their families, to fish, to take photographs, to picnic, to hang out and socialize, and to destress.  Sooner or later, if you live here, you'll be there. It seemed like the perfect place to reach all sorts of people in a relaxing atmosphere and chat them up about reading a really good book.

I don't know the details yet about how they'll get my 20 copies to me, but the confirmation e-mail arrived today, meaning that on April 23, I'll be part of an international event: 4 countries, 80,000 people, 2.5 million books, and ME.

It will be great fun, regardless of what book I'm given, but please, please, please, if the Literature Gods are listening, let it be Fahrenheit 451.

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