Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Working on Someday

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about someday breaking out of my old self in a big, life-changing way.

Now that change begins to come into being, in earnest.

Since that post, I have moved forward to a new haircut, a new car, and a new home. A new job is not in the offing, but I have added new, fun responsibilities to the old job, so that's still on target.

As for the larger aspects -- losing practicality, radical change, "She did what?" and "I always knew she was crazy" and "I wish I had the nerve" -- they are now in progress.

A friend and I are planning a major vacation adventure. It will involve logistical planning, scouting trips, sustained collaboration, practice sessions, physical training, recruiting help from various directions, and the advice and support of the man in my life. It will also involve a long trip on my favorite river.

I'm having a little trouble believing that I've committed myself to this adventure.  But there it is.

Someday comes sooner than we think.


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