Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

After a flurry of activity surrounding the contract and the inspection, and then the formal application for the mortgage (I'd been preapproved but that's all) -- now there has been a long pause in the proceedings, with everyone waiting for the bank to do its thing.

I have to tell the seller by Friday if I have the money. Which means that the bank is supposed to tell me by Wednesday if I have the money. Which means I am starting to feel pretty much pins-and-needles about the whole deal.

You could say I'm one of those eternal optimists who still worries about the details.

Oh sure, I can pay that and do that and it will be great.

Uh-oh, what if I CAN'T? (I have already hatched a Plan B, just in case.)

And then there is the appraisal. I'm fairly confident the house is worth the price -- it's on 3 lots in a nice location, so the land alone is half its value. The price has been heavily adjusted to take into account the work it needs. The market is steady but way down, and it sold for nearly twice the price a few years ago, when prices were going crazy. So all the factors are there. But what if they're not?

I really can't stand to think about that!

While I'm figuratively biting my nails, I keep thinking that this could be the view out my front window. It's very motivating and soothing.

And I don't even live there -- yet.

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  1. That's a lovely tree. I like big shade trees...they make me think of lazy days spent reading and thinking.


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