Monday, August 27, 2012

From This to That

Written in the midst of what passes for a tropical storm . . .

Isaac so far is a breezy, bandy rain that starts and stops and patters straight down on the roof and sideways against the windows. The doves are huddled up with their mixed millet and the squirrels are stuffing their tummies with sunflower seeds, all looking a bit disgruntled but not worried enough about the rain to miss breakfast.

Over the weekend we drove out to one of our favorite civilized spots, a local fish camp that combines the elements of riverfront view, screened patio, blues band, and soft-shelled crab dinners in just the right proportions. The peacefully pastel sunset was challenged by the unfortunate clamor of airboaters forcing their crafts out of the water and onto their trailers, but once that was done, the muted perfection of the moment returned.

Yesterday I started the packing process, hoping to send a vote of confidence to the Universe and specifically to the bank, which has yet to provide the commitment letter that was due a week ago. For a closing that is supposed to happen a week from tomorrow. Don't get me started on that! It felt much better to get started on packing.

Why, yes, every one of these boxes does say "books." I don't see anything wrong with that!


  1. Nothing wrong with that at all! Glad that, so far, Isaac is behaving himself where you are.
    My fingers are still crossed for that bank to get off its butt in time.

  2. I hope Isaac will be the same in Louisiana (and everywhere). No trouble at all, I sincerely hope.


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